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Our core and guiding mantra in hacking health.

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    One must have a specific goal or objective to participate

    In many cases, technology learning is best achieved by first identifying a specific idea and then working to develop this.

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    Though you may receive help along the way, your journey is ultimately self guided

    This is often a necessary truth in being a successful entrepreneur.

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    One must contribute their learnings in community meetings

    What have you learned since our last meeting? Any good new technologies, tutorials, books, classes or other educational materials you have learned of? How can you help a fellow member in their endeavors? Anything else worthy of sharing?

  • 4.

    Almost anything can be achieved with patience, persistence, trial & error, Google and SparkFun Electronics

    Often the biggest challenge in technology learning comes from within oneself in overcoming the believe that one lacks the necessary experience. Conversely, free training is abundantly available and one only needs to first know where to look, next have the patience to complete, and finally to not be intimidated by engaging in trial and error.

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Connecting Research and Industry

Jun 4th, 2015

Collaboration for Health Innovation

Nov 4th, 2014

Health Tech Speed Networking

Apr 24th, 2014


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